Natasha Magariel is an American painter who lives and works in New York City.

Born in the late eighties, she grew up in Kansas City. At the age of 18, she moved to the east coast to attend The New School University where, in 2009, she received a dual degree in Fine Arts and Art History.

During her years at university, her interests veered toward wood and metal sculpture, specifically eerie, stark representations of the Great Plains. A defining theme in her early work, Natasha’s many installations during this period all hark back to her original landscape. Whether it be painting or sculpture, there is an embedded, if not hypnotic, longing in these first pieces for the calm, country life.

In 2008, inspired by Rioplatense Baroque architecture, Natasha spent the year in Buenos Aires. She painted the city’s buildings, the vivid Argentinian sunsets, the pastels of South America. Argentina broadened Natasha’s scope, and most importantly, it set her on a course to incorporate new places and new cultures into her work. Finding travel integral to the evolution of her work, Natasha’s paintings became composites of the details she found inspiring in the cities she visited: the Mississippi River in New Orleans, Bauhaus interior and exterior design in Berlin, and the sailboats in Barcelona.

Today, Natasha’s work is a brave blend of styles, ranging from whimsical seascapes to abstract, contemporary compositions. There’s a sophisticated subtly to her paintings found in her distinct balance of color, form, and texture.